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The Magazine cross country program began in 1998 with Robert Reed, David Everett, Tobby Bassler, and Harley Love.  The first District Championship came in 2002 led by Charlie Kelm, Patrick Mott, Randy Reed, Matt Rogers, Kenneth Robinson, and Josh Downs. The Rattlers have up to 2016 won 15 District titles and have hosted the championships since 2006.  All State athletes include:  Chris McCleod, Zach Lemmond, Travis Williams, Joseph Thao, Churxa Yang, Katy Carter, Logan Lyle, Shelby Gordon, Hunter Chastain, and Kaitlynn Ryan.

Rattler Cross Country teams have finished 3rd or 4th at State 4 times: 2009, 2008, 2010, 2011; they have finished in the top eight 9 times: 2002, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Katy Carter won the State Championship twice and was State Runner-up once;

Travis Williams, Logan Lyle, and Hunter Chastain were each State Runner-up.

Travis Williams (UAFS), Churxa Yang (UAFS), Katy Carter (UAFS), Shelby Gordon (UCA), Brittney Bryan (UCA), and Keith Runyan (CBC) have all run collegiately.



Region 2A-4: 2A-4 East and West:        

      Jr. Girls                            Jr. Boys                          Sr. Girls                    Sr. Boys                           State

2008      Magazine


Eureka Springs JC Westside Eureka Springs  

2009      Magazine


Eureka Springs Hackett     Magazine  
2010      Hackett Eureka Springs






2011    JC Westside


Mountainburg         Magazine     Magazine  
2012     Magazine Mountainburg         Magazine

Eureka Springs


Eureka Springs

State Runners-up

2013    JC Westside Magazine JC Westside Eureka Springs Eureka Springs STATE CHAMPIONS

2014    JC Westside


Eureka Springs JC Westside Eureka Springs  

2015     Quitman


Eureka Springs Eureka Springs Eureka Springs  

District Records

  • Jr. Girls   Halle Bennett Quitman 8:49
  • Jr. Boys   Kayden Eckman Eureka Springs 7:57
  • Sr. Girls  Katy Carter Magazine  19:32
  • Sr. Boys   Pascoe Bennett Conway Christian 16:51

State Champions from our conference:                             State Runner-up:

Katy Carter Magazine 2008, 2011                              Katy Carter Magazine 2009

Nathan Andress Eureka Springs 2013, 2014            Logan Lyle Magazine 2010

Pascoe Bennett Conway Christian 2015                   Travis Williams Magazine 2009

                                                                                Hunter Chastain Magazine 2014


District Champions:

            Jr. Girls                                     Jr. Boys                         Sr. Girls                             Sr. Boys_____

2008  Katy Carter Magazine, Josh Saum JCWestside, Katy Carter Magazine,   David Reed Eureka Springs

2009  Logan Lyle Magazine,  Ryan Sanchez ES,            Katy Carter Magazine,   Travis Williams Magazine

2010  Logan Lyle Magazine,  Jake McClung ES,            Katy Carter Magazine,   Travis Williams Magazine

2011  Hailey Weathers JCW,Andrew Estep JCW,         Katy Carter Magazine,   Lonnie Curtis Bigelow

2012  Amy Tan Hackett,        Robert Lefever ES,          Shelby Gordon Mag,       Nathan Andress ES

2013  Alyssa Cummins JCW, Joseph Wittig UCA,         Kaitlynn Ryan Mag,        Nathan Andress ES

2014  Gabi Bloch ES,              Joseph Wittig UCA,         Amy Tan Hackett,            Nathan Andress ES

2015  Halle Bennett Quitman Kayden Eckman ES,      Gabi Bloch ES,                  Pascoe Bennett CC


Top times in school history:

Katy Carter 18:57

Shelby Gordon 20:48

Kaitlynn Ryan 21:01

Logan Lyle 21:06

Lauren Ryan 21:59

Brittney Bryan 22:02


Travis Williams 16:40

Chris McCleod 16:53

Hunter Chastain 17:35

Zach Lemmond 17:38

Sonny Moua 17:47

Churxa Yang 18:04

Levi Wright  18:18

Joseph Thao 18:19

Ron Stafford 18:19


2016 Magazine Rattler Cross Country Schedule (tentative)

September 3      Shiloh Christian Saints Invitational        Springdale

September 10    Ft. Smith Invitational                                 Ft. Smith

September 13    Acorn Invitational                                       Acorn

September 20    University of the Ozarks Invitational      Clarksville

September 24    Tiger Invitational                                         Mansfield

September 27    Magazine Invitational                                Magazine

October 8            Bulldog Invitational                                    Greenwood

October 18          Rattler Run                                                   Magazine

October 25          River Valley Jr. High Championships       Van Buren

October 29          2A-4 Conference Championships             Magazine

November 2        Southwest Regional Championships       Acorn

November 12      State Championships                                  Hot Springs

November 19      River Valley All Star Meet                          Magazine


2015 District Champions

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