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Track results

The Rattler track season ended with a 6th place finish at the state championships. That came on the heels of a great day at the district championships where the Rattlers gave defending 1A State Champions Jacksonville Lighthouse a great run and the Lady Rattlers pushed State Champions Quitman for most of the day. Individual highlights included Aubrie Davis medaling in the pole vault and turning in the 3rd fastest hurdle time at state. The 4x800m relay team of Lauren Ryan, Marley Littleton, Kia Yang, and Michal-Ann Dobson placed 4th at state and Lauren Ryan took 4th in the 3200m run. Caleb Hyatt placed 10th in the discus while Davis, Racheal Phillips, and Hannah Smith all scored in pole vault "vaulting" the Rattlers into first place for the time being. They remained in first or second for much of the day. Reagon Pickartz continued the scoring with 7th in discus. Smith also scored in triple jump. Finally, the 4x400m relay team of Davis, Littleton, Taryn Leslie, and Hannah Green took 4th place.

District results were excellent as well. The Rattlers pushed Jacksonville to the final three events with a scant 6 point difference. The Rattlers battled well but in the end had to settle for runner-up in mens and womens divisions.
PV - Davis 2nd, Phillips 3rd, Smith 4th, Green 6th
HJ - Gibson 3rd, Thomas 6th, Phillips 7th, Smith 8th
Shot - Caleb Hyatt 3rd, Greg Hyatt 7th 
Discus - Caleb Hyatt 2nd, Yang 5th, Greg Hyatt 7th, Pickartz 2nd, Bryan 5th
LJ - Colton Young 5th, Trevor Blake 7th, Thomas 7th
TJ - Jesse Witt 2nd, Trevor Blake 3rd, Xeng Yang 6th; Smith 2nd, Leslie 3rd, Davis 6th
4x800m relay:  Witt, Wright, Halek, Minghao 2nd, Ryan, Rebekah Dobson, Littleton, Yang 2nd
Hurdles - Yang 3rd, Reed 4th; Davis 2nd, Smith 8th
1600m - Wright 3rd, Wang 4th; Ryan 3rd
4x100m relay:  men 3rd; women Davis, Yang, Littleton, Thomas 4th 
400m - Lor 4th, Vang 8th; Thomas 4th, Lauren Littleton 6th
Hurdles - Yang 3rd; Davis 3rd, Smith 4th
800m - Halek 2nd, Witt 5th, Wang 6th; Littleton 3rd, Ryan 6th
200m - Blake 8th; 
3200m - Wright 2nd, Wang 7th; Ryan 1st,Yang 5th, Dobson 7th, Dubroc 8th
4x400m relay:  Vang, Yang, Hyatt, Lor 2nd; Davis, Littleton, Green, Thomas 2nd
Aubrie Davis
Racheal Phillips
Hannah Smith
Reagon Pickartz
Marley Littleton
Michal-Ann Dobson
Kia Yang
Lauren Ryan
Hannah Green
Keaira Thomas
Jesse Witt
Caleb Hyatt
Wang Minghao 
Jan Halek
Levi Wright
John Lor
Xeng Yang
The season wrapped up with Hannah Smith competing in the State heptathlon pitting the top athletes of all classifications into one big 2-day competition in seven events. 


Rattler track is nearing conclusion with only the decathlon and heptathlon remaining. What a season! School and district records fell and championships were won. The Junior boys won the championship in exhilarating fashion.  The junior high finished off their regular season at Waldron on a cool wet day. Hannah Green continued her ways tying for top honors in pole vault; Clair Curtis continued her rise in the throws; Taryn Leslie began to round into form in the jumps placing in long jump and triple jump; Salena, Carlee, Lauren, and Michal-Ann ran a season-best in the 4x800m relay; in the boys Caleb hit a PR in discus 124’; Xeng PRed in hurdles; Tatum stormed the track in long jump and the 400m; the 4x100m relay  with Xeng, TsimNeej, Caleb, and Tatum continued their pursuit of a school record; Nate, Ashton, Dan, and Jacob scored again in the 4x800m relay; and the 4x400m relay team (Nate, Xeng, TsimNeej, and Tatum) broke the school record in 4:03.

In senior high the teams are peaking just right as they competed at Waldron, Quad Cities, and the McDonalds Relays in Fort Smith. Highlights included Aubrie Davis’ school record in pole vault; Racheal Phillips turning in the 3rd best mark in school history, Hannah Smith qualifying for state in pole vault; Davis and Smith PRs in 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles; Kia Yang, Rebekah Dobson, Marley Littleton, and Lauren Ryan pushing the 4x800m relay ever faster; Keaira Thomas over 15’3” in long jump and 1:06 in 400m dash; Lauren Ryan going 6:21, 2:48, and 13:14 in 1600m, 800m, and 3200m; along with the 4x400m relay  team of Davis, Thomas, Littleton, and Yang turning in a top 3 time in state. On the mens side, Jon Halek ran a 2:10 800m, Levi Wright a 5:14 1600m and 12:09 3200m, while the 4x800m relay of Halek, Jesse Witt, Levi Wright, and Wang Minghau got down to a 9:16 for #3 Class 2A ranking at the time. Wang also ran 5:20 1600m. Jesse Witt continued to improve on his triple jump and 800m times as well as John Lor PR in 400m.

The junior high teams travelled to Morrilton for the District Championships with the boys ranked #2 behind England and the girls #3. The girls got off to a great start with Clair Curtis (31’11”) and Kiara Vasquez (29’9”) hitting big in the shot put! Hannah Green took 2nd in pole vault; Taryn Leslie scored 2nd place in triple jump while Vasquez and Kailynn Cotton scored in discus with PRs. Vasquez also placed in high jump. Leslie and Brianna Garcia scored in long jump. Salena Yang, Carlee Parrish, Lauren Littleton, and Michal-Ann Dobson took 4th in the relay; Garcia PRed in the 100m while Leslie took 6th. Yang scored in the 1600m. The 4x100m relay team of Leslie, Green, Garcia, and Littleton placed 4th. Leslie, Gracen Thompson, and Littleton all scored in the 400m dash;  Dobson scored again in the 800m while Leslie took 8th in the 200m dash; finally the mile relay team of Green, Thompson, Vasquez, and Littleton took runnerup honors.

The junior boys brought the A-game and it took every last point to take the championship. The day started with Xeng Yang and Caleb Hyatt PRs in discus 126’ and 124’10” for 1st and 2nd place; Hyatt won the shot put with a 45’ toss; Hyatt then ran to high jump for a second place finish. Tatum Scott, Nate Bryan, and Ashton Droemer scored in long jump while Xeng Yang and Nate Bryan scored in triple jump.  Bryan, Droemer, Dan Witt, and Jacob Hall ran the 4x800m relay to a photo finish with England; then Xeng Yang smoked the field in both hurdle races coming within tenths of seconds of the school record in each. Tsim Neej scored in the 100m dash. The 4x100m relay ran to a second place finish. Scott ran a season-best and PR of 55.31 barely missing the school record with Caleb Hyatt scoring as well. A storm delay ensued for about 45 minutes. Upon return the team scores were called out:  England 105, Bigelow 101, Magazine 109, Conway Christian 109 with three events to go! Nate Bryan, Jacob Hall, and Ashton Droemer ran their best races of the year to place 5-6-7 and score 9 huge points (Conway Christian scored 15 in the event to take a 6 point lead). Tatum Scott turned in a PR in the 200m dash for 3rd place for 6 points leading to a showdown in the mile relay with the two teams tied. Hyatt led off and gave the Rattlers a 4 foot lead; Xeng Yang and Tsim Neej Vang extended the lead to about 40 feet; then Tatum Scott secured the championship by smoking the track to a new district and school record (3:57) to win the relay and the title!  Xeng Yang won District MVP.  Several Rattlers were accorded ALL DISTRICT:
Xeng Yang
Caleb Hyatt
Tsimneej Vang
Tatum Scott
Kiara Vasquez
Hannah Green
Lauren Littleton
Gracen Thompson
Taryn Leslie


The Rattlers continue to roll with big performances at Alma, Dardanelle, Mansfield, and Ozark. Lauren Ryan state qualified with a 13:14 3200m run at Alma while Aubrie Davis broke the school record in 100m hurdles in 16.96. Other highlights included Hannah Smith PR in both hurdle events with 17.58 at Alma and 55 second 300m hurdles at Dardanelle. The junior boys (Caleb Hyatt, Xeng Yang, TsimNeej Vang, and Tatum Scott) smashed the school record in the mile relay at Ozark in 4:07. Hannah Green has won the pole vault at every meet this season including Mansfield and Ozark. Tannea Thomas won the shot put at Ozark with a throw of 34'9".  Taryn Leslie won triple jump with a leap of 31'.  Tatum Scott ran a PR 57.07 400m at Ozark for 2nd place; Caleb Hyatt took second in shot put at Ozark and Mansfield with a best of 45'10". Xeng Yang PRed in both hurdle events placing 3rd and 4th. Nate Bryan and Xeng Yang both PRed in the triple jump also going 3rd and 4th. Chase Gibson top 3 in high jump. The sprint relay teams continue to excel as well placing top 3 and closing in on school records. The junior girls relay team:  Taryn Leslie, Hannah Green, Lauren Littleton, and Breanna Garcia; the junior boys:  Xeng Yang, TsimNeej Vang, Caleb Hyatt, and Tatum Scott; the senior girls:  Aubrie Davis, Marley Littleton, Kia Yang, and Keaira Thomas.  Thomas also ran 1:07 in the 400m. Xeng Yang and Caleb Hyatt placed in discus with PRs of 116' and 118'. The 4x800m relay teams have excelled also. Lauren Ryan, Marley Littleton, Kia Yang, and Rebekah Dobson/Kristen Dubroc have placed for senior girls; Jan/Wong, Levi Wright, Jesse Witt, and John Lor for senior boys; Nate Bryan, Ashton Doemer, Dan Witt, and Jacob Hall for junior boys; and Carlee Parrish, Lauren Littleton, Salena Yang, and Michal-Ann Dobson for junior girls. Levi Reed continues to cut his time in the hurdles. Finally, Levi Wright has moved into top 10 in 2A for both distance races.  This is just a hint at the strength of our teams.  Full results can typically be found at 


The Rattlers travelled to Mansfield for the annual Tiger Relays. What a night. The girls qualified for state with Aubrie Davis (won the event!) and Racheal Phillips in pole vault; Hannah Smith and Chase Gibson placed in high jump while Smith also scored in triple jump. Lauren Ryan, Kia Yang, Marley Littleton, and Rebekah Dobson ran for 5th in the 4x800m relay while Levi Wright, Jesse Witt, John Lor, and Brenden Hunt took 8th in the boys relay. Levi Reed placed in both hurdle events. Davis and Smith both PRed in the 100m hurdles with Davis running the second fastest time in school history. Then Davis, Littleton,  and Keaira Thomas took 4th in the 4x100m relay. Thomas scored again in the 400m dash. John Lor turned in a PR in his 400m. Lauren Ryan PRed and narrowly missed auto-qualifying mark in 3200m for 3rd place as Wong turned in a PR as well. The 4x400m relay of Raven McConnel, Thomas, Cheyenne Elms, and McKenzie Mikles took 4th to sew up 6th place out of 21 schools; the boys finished 15th. Full results can be found at



The Rattlers enter spring break with three meets under their belts. The first meet of the year was The Rattler Relays at home with Magazine winning 5 of the 6 divisions. Highlites include:  Aubrie Davis winning pole vault; Hannah Smith winning triple jump and high jump; Kalyn Bryan won discus; Lauren Ryan won the 1600m run;  Hannah won PV. 
Taryn won LJ, TJ, and 100m. 

Kiara won high jump and discus. 
Breanna won the 100m 7th. 
Ashton won 100m 7th. 
Carlee won the 1600m. 
Relay of Salena, Carlee, Michal-Ann, and Lauren won.

Matthew won LJ and 100m. 

Justin won discus. 

Levi won the hurdles. 
Levi won 1600m run. 
Marley won the 100m. 
Lauren, Marley, Kia, and Rebekah won the relay.


Highlites from Booneville:  Racheal 8' in PV; Tannea won shot put; Hannah Green won PV; Caleb took 2nd in shot put; Hannah 4'10" in high jump; Levi and Lauren both top 4 in distance runs; 4x800m relays scored; Lauren Littleton 1:10 400m; Taryn placed in long jump and triple jump; Tatum 18'10" in LJ and 57 400m for 3rd in each; Xeng placed in hurdles; Jesse placed in 800m.

Paris week:  COLD!  Hannah won PV for 3rd consecutive meet; Caleb 2nd in shot, 4th in high jump; 8th in discus; Tatum 3rd in long jump; Taryn 3rd in triple jump; Xeng 4th in hurdles; Tannea 2nd in shot put; and 4x800m relay scored again for 3rd straight meet.




Rattlers off and running.

Shiloh Christian Saints Invitational: The Rattlers have started off the cross country season with a bang. The first invitational meet of the year was in Springdale. Shiloh Christian hosted the Saints Invitational where Levi Wright (19:40) and Lauren Ryan (24:29) each medaled. The teams fared well with the junior girls 4th and the junior boys 5th.  In the junior girls division Michal-Ann Dobson led the way with a 18th place showing.  She was followed by Deanza Bryant (24th), Carlee Parrish (25), Kiara Vasquez (27), Elizabeth Alcarez (37), Taryn Leslie (42), Emily Smith (51), Kylie Robinson (52), Elisabeth Duvall (58), and Sarai Parrish (58).

The junior boys were led by a rhumba of Ashton Droemer (21st), Daniel Witt (22), Nate Bryan (24), David Johnson (42), Jacob Hall (49), and Troy Gray (72). Every athlete had a PR. In the Sr. Girls Lauren Ryan led the way with a 9th place, Kristen Dubroc (26), Kalyn Bryan (29), and Christine Duvall (33). Levi Wright led the senior boys charge in 10th, Jesse Witt (25), Jon Lor (39), and Caleb Hopper (45).  Full results:

Fort Smith Invitational:  The next meet was the Fort Smith Invitational at Ben Geren Park. The Sr. Girls and Jr. Girls brought home runner-up plaques. Michal-Ann Dobson, Nate Bryan, Lauren Ryan, Kristen Dubroc, Kalyn Bryan, Levi Wright, and Jesse Witt medaled for the Rattlers. The Rattlers were bolstered by performances from newcomers Brenden Hunt in senior boys and Michael Roark in junior boys.  Full results:

Acorn Invitational:  Then at the Stuthard Stampede in Acorn, the junior girls brought home another runner-up plaque. Medalists included:  Michal-Ann Dobson, Carlee Parrish, Kiara Vasquez, Nate Bryan, Ashton Droemer, Daniel Witt, Lauren Ryan, and Levi Wright.  Full results:

 2. Magazine                       Score:    57     Total: 1:05:33.90
                                                  Average:   13:06.7
                                                   Spread:   01:14.1
                                   Points   Time    Grade  Behind Winner
      1. Michal-Ann Dobson            5    12:27.7           01:45.4
      2. Carlee Parrish              10    12:46.3           02:04.0
      3. Kiara Vasquez               11    12:58.2           02:15.9
      4. Deanza Bryant               15    13:39.9           02:57.6
      5. Elizabeth Alcarez           16    13:41.8           02:59.5
      6. Kylie Robinson                     25    14:43.4           04:01.1
      7. Emily Smith                 26    15:24.4           04:42.1
      8. Angela Duvall
      9. Sarai Parrish
4. Magazine                       Score:    99     Total: 0:54:59.80
                                                  Average:   10:59.9
                                                   Spread:   02:20.6
                                   Points   Time    Grade  Behind Winner
      1. Nate Bryan                   9    09:58.3           01:13.8
      2. Ashton Droemer              14    10:17.1           01:32.6
      3. Dan Witt                    15    10:22.8           01:38.3
      4. David Johnson               30    12:02.7           03:18.2
      5. Jacob Hall                  31    12:18.9           03:34.4
      6. Michael Roark               32    12:58.7           04:14.2
      7. Austin Krigbaum             34    13:32.4           04:47.9
      8. Troy Gray
Magazine                       No Score    
                                   Points   Time    Grade  Behind Winner
      1. Lauren Ryan                       24:07.7           01:15.0
      2. Kristin Dubare                    30:29.5           07:36.8
      3. Christine Duvall                  35:35.5           12:42.8
      4. Kalyn Bryan                       37:31.0           14:38.3
 6. Magazine                       Score:   130     Total: 1:59:32.40
                                                  Average:   23:54.4
                                                   Spread:   08:17.0
                                   Points   Time    Grade  Behind Winner
      1. Levi Wright                  6    19:20.7           00:59.9
      2. Jesse Witt                  17    21:38.9           03:18.1
      3. Brendon Hunt                31    25:11.9           06:51.1
      4. Jon Lor                     37    25:43.2           07:22.4
      5. Sam Duvall                  39    27:37.7           09:16.9
      6. Caleb Hopper                41    33:22.4           15:01.6

Full results can usually be found at  

Rattlers Set New Marks

The Rattlers and Lady Rattlers just completed a tough stretch of the schedule competing in three meets in eight days including the 11th annual Magazine Invitational. The Rattlers earned much hardware at Acorn, then had a tough day at Mansfield with the top two runners, Lauren Ryan (leg) and Levi Wright (ankle), each experiencing minor injuries which caused them to not be able to finish their respective races with each on PR paces. Without their leadership the team times as a whole were not as promising as normal. Nonetheless, Kiara Vasquez continued her climb up the depth chart along with 7th grader Ashton Droemer each finishing as the teams’ #1 for the day.  Jesse Witt and Christine Duvall were top finishers for the senior high. Full results can be found at:  


The final meet in the 8-day run was the first home meet of the season and what a day. Temperatures and humidity were down. Runners from all over descended upon Diamondback Stadium/Shorty Wright Field to be able to compete in the area’s fan favorite and athletes’ favorite venue on the Rattler Cross Country Course. The Rattlers runners did not disappoint as nearly everyone PRd. The day was highlighted by Lauren Ryan turning in the 5th fastest time in Rattler history with a 21:59 joining the ranks of names like Katy Carter, Shelby Gordon, Brittney Bryan, Logan Lyle, and Kaitlynn Ryan! Levi Wright also moved into the upper echelon with an 18:18 to put his name alongside Travis Williams, Chris McCleod, Sonny Moua, Hunter Chastain, Zach Lemmond, Churxa Yang, and Joseph Thao. But they were not alone. Deanza Bryant ran the 1.5 mile junior high course in 11:04, Kiara Vasquez (11:12), Salena Yang (11:32), Carlee Parrish (11:38), Kylie Robinson (11:56), Taryn Leslie (12:27), Angela Duvall (15:11), Emily Smith (16:43), and Sarai Parrish (18:20). The Jr. Girls finished 7th of 20 schools at the meet.  The junior boys were no less impressive with Nate Bryan leading the way in 9:14, Ashton Droemer (9:28), Daniel Witt (9:40), Jacob Hall (10:06), DJ Johnson (10:07), Austin Krigbaum (11:03), Ty Warner (11:52), Michael Roark (12:26), and Troy Gray (13:00). The boys finished 9th at the 20-school competition. Lauren Ryan medaled in 5th place right behind former state champion Morgan Fagan of Acorn, Kristen Dubroc (28:02), Christine Duvall (32:53) on the 5K senior high course.  Levi Wright medaled in 7th place, Jesse Witt (21:32), Jon Lor (23:56), Sam Duvall (24:46), Brendon Hunt (25:19), and Caleb Hopper (25:43). The boys finished 9th. The Rattlers have about two weeks of work before the next meet at Greenwood October 8th. The next home meets are:  October 18th Rattler Run and October 24th 7th Grade River Valley Championships. Full results can be found at  


Rattlers bring home most medals of the year.

     The Rattlers attended the 7th annual Thrill of the Hill at Greenwood and came away with a big medal haul:  nine to be exact.
The Junior Girls got things started with medalists Michal-Ann Dobson, Taryn Leslie, Kiara Vasquez, and Carlee Parrish followed  by Kylie Robinson, Angela Duvall, Deanza Bryant, and Emma Askins leading the Lady Rattlers to a 4th place finish.
The Junior Boys also finished 4th led by medalist Ashton Droemer and Nate Bryan, followed closely by Daniel Witt and Jacob Hall, DJ Johnson, Michael Roark, Troy Gray, Ty Warner, and Austin Krigbaum finished out the Rattler scoring.  In the Senior High divisions Lauren Ryan continued her medal count with a sweet 7th place finish and in Senior Boys Levi Wright and Jesse Witt medaled followed by Jon Lor and Sam Duvall.  Up next is the Rattler Run on the 18th.
Nate Bryan ran an 8:49 as a PR and finished 16th at the Rattler Run. Lauren Ryan finished 10th and medaled.
The River Valley 7th Grade Cross Country Championships were hosted by Magazine on Monday. It was a beautiful day to run and the young runners took full advantage. The competition included Magazine, Booneville, Mansfield, Waldron, Johnson County Westside, Lavaca, and Scranton. Mansfield won the boys division with Magazine taking runner-up honors. Johnson County Westside won the girls division with Mansfield taking second. Heaven Sanchez of Booneville won individual honors on the girls side with Daniel Sanderson of Westside winning the boys division. Ashton Droemer of Magazine was overall runner-up with Daniel Witt (Magazine) placing 5th in boys and Autumn Morris (Magazine) taking 5th among girls. Helping the boys to the runner-up plaque included Austin Krigbaum, Troy Gray, and Ty Warner.  The girls also included Emma Askins, Emily Smith, Angela Duvall, and Kylie Robinson.  
Magazine was again the site of the Region 2A-4, Districts 2A-4 East and 2A-4 West, Championships Saturday and oh what a day.  The #1 ranked Class 2A runner in boys and girls did not disappoint as Bennett Pascoe of Conway Christian broke his own District record in 16:30 for 5K and Gabi Bloch of Eureka Springs broke Katy Carter's District record with a 19:23 over the course. But the biggest news of the day was the Rattlers taking home 2 District titles and a runner-up. The junior girls started off barely edging out perennial foe Johnson County Westside 26-29 led by Deanza Bryant, Michal-Ann Dobson, Carlee Parrish, and Kiara Vasquez all turning in PRs to lead the Lady Rattlers to the crown. Taryn Leslie finished three spots ahead of Westside's #5 runner to help secure the victory. Other displacers helping the ladies to the championship included Autumn Morris, Emma Askins, Kylie Robinson, Emily Smith, Angela Duvall, and Sarai Parrish.  The Junior Boys followed that up with an impressive win leap-frogging Eureka Springs, Lavaca, and Westside who had each previously beaten the Rattlers this season. Tatum Scott, Ashton Droemer, Nate Bryan, and Xeng Yang all medaled, while Jacob Hall (beating Eureka's #5 runner was crucial for Jacob), Daniel Witt, and Austin Krigbaum each beat their counterparts from Eureka Springs to take home the title by one point 39-40! Others who placed for the Rattlers were Connor Ryan, Michael Roark, Troy Gray, and Ty Warner. With these two District Championships it takes the conference title tally for the Rattlers to 15 in the past 11 years.  The Senior Girls ran to a third place finish behind medalist Lauren Ryan and scorers Kristen Dubroc, Hannah Smith, Kalyn Bryan, Taryn Leslie, Michal-Ann Dobson, and Sarai Parrish. The Senior Boys took home a plaque for runner-up as Levi Wright and Jesse Witt medaled followed by John Lor, Caleb Hopper, Brenden Hunt, Jacob Hall, Sam Duvall, and Michael Roark. Deanza Bryant, Michal-Ann Dobson, Carlee Parrish, Tatum Scott, Ashton Droemer, Nate Bryan, Xeng Yang, Lauren Ryan, Levi Wright, and Jesse Witt were all named ALL CONFERENCE! Next up for the Rattlers is State at Hot Springs.


Magazine has a storied tradition of success built upon the hard work, determination, desire, and dedication of its athletes. State championships, state records, and collegiate athletes are found within this story.  From Emmitt Cleveland in the 30s to Brittney Bryan in 2014; from Billy Wallace in the 80s to Roy Carey in the early 2000s; from Jeremy Wortham in the 90s to Katy Carter in 2012; this is a great story of the journey of some very special athletes.    Emmitt Cleveland set the state record in pole vault with 11'8" in 1938; the record stood for 18 years.  Roy Carey tied the indoor state all-time best with a 6.52 55m dash at Fayetteville's All-Comer Meet in 2003 finishing 4th overall with all stars from all surrounding states including a win over future Olympic medalist Wallace Spearmon. Carey is one of three Magazine athletes named to the All Arkansas Track and Field Team - Roy Carey, Courtney Bryan, and Brittney Bryan.  Brittney Bryan was Class 2A State MVP.


The teams have been ultimately successful having won 2 State Championships, 2 State Runners-ups, six 3rd place finishes at state, 34 District Championships, and Invitational meets at Greenwood, Booneville, Paris, Clarksville, Danville, Dardanelle, Waldron, and Magazine to name a few. The 2009 Jr. Girls went undefeated winning every meet that season.  


Track and Field Team consistency since 1996:
2-Time State Champions 2012, 2014
2-time State Runner-up 2010, 2011
6-time 3rd place at State: 1999, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012
3-time 4th place at State: 2000, 2004, 2011 (9-time semifinalists)
7-time top 8 at State: 1997, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2013, 2017 (7-time quarterfinalists)
20 total top 8 STATE finishes in past 22 years. (Finished 9th in 2015, 10th in 2016). Rattler Pride!



We begin with the field events.


Magazine has a long and storied tradition in Track and Field.


Rattler track and field has been around for close to 100 years. The last two decades have been very successful including 2 State

Championships, 2 state runners-up, and 6 third place state finishes plus 34 conference titles. In the last few years the Rattlers have produced

multiple collegiate athletes: Brittney Bryan (UCA), Katy Carter (UAFS), Shelby Gordon (UCA), Travis Williams (UAFS), Churxa Yang (UAFS),

Allan Fairbanks (UCA), Keith Runyan (CBC), and Roy Carey (Coffeyville/Kansas)


The first recorded State Champion was Emmitt Cleveland who accomplished the feat 3 times in the late 30s and early 40s. (Pole vault)

Jeremy Wortham was the first modern-day State Champion in 1993 (High Jump).

Courtney Bryan was the first female athlete winning the state championship in 2011. (Discus)


Rattler Track and Field and Cross Country have won a combined 51 Conference Championships

(34 T&F/17 CC); 2 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS; 2 State Runners-up, 59 State Champions, and

112 All State awards since 1993. 

A History and Tradition of Excellence in Rattler Track and Field


Track & Field Album

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